Tom A. Dutta, Strategic Advisor and Business Mentor

Tom Dutta joined Ocean West Financial Group (“Ocean West”) as General Manager in August 2013 to help transform Ocean West into the market leader in advanced insurance strategies across Canada. With Ocean West Financial Group now being well positioned as the market leader, Tom’s role with Ocean West has changed, he will be focussing on the Strategy, Business Mentoring and Team Development needs of Ocean West going forward.

Professionally Tom Dutta started his career over 30 years ago and has specializes in building and growing small to large businesses. He has held entry level roles to President and CEO roles, working in sectors including IT, Telecom, Banking and Insurance, Direct Selling, Annex Group, TELUS, TD Bank, Credit Unions, and CRI Canada (a Division of AEGON Insurance).

Tom has served on a number of industry boards and community organizations including Vice President of New Westminster Minor Softball Association, Member of the Agents Advisory Board for Credit Resources USA, St Michael's Parish/ School, Sales and Marketing executives of Vancouver, and North Shore Community Services Society.

Tom has both North American and International business experience, giving him a keen sense of doing business in domestic and global markets. Outside of business, Tom's family and friends have been touched by mental illness and he volunteers as Chair of the Board for the Mood Disorders Association of BC to make a difference in the lives of many.

Alter Trust Versus Traditional Will
A will is the traditional way to distribute your assets upon your death.

But it may not be the best estate planning tool for you. Depending on your circumstances, an alter ego trust or joint spousal or partner trust could be a better choice.