G. Kim Hinkson, Advanced Insurance Specialist / President and CEO

Kim Hinkson has had an entrepreneurial spirit for as long as he can remember.  Growing up in Regina, he was always selling something from light-bulbs to lemonade.

Kim’s early careers were as diverse as he is.  He started working in quality control at a beverage plant in Regina before a very brief stint as a grave digger - quitting after one day to pursue a more “stimulating” vocation.  Kim then worked his way up from desk clerk to food and beverage manager at his family’s prestigious hotel in Regina.  He switched career tracks to become a commercial realtor specializing in hotel properties in western Canada, eventually selling his father’s hotel.  He sold his father another hotel property on the provision that he would return to the family business as operations manager.  This position provided Kim with strategic insights into all aspects of management and the special nature of privately owned enterprises.  It was therefore a natural step for him to start his own business.

More than two decades of working as a successful business owner has provided Kim with a practical understanding of, and appreciation for the challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs.  These insights have enabled him to build long-term personal and professional relationships with clients while providing strategic advice on the most appropriate course to secure a comfortable financial future for themselves, their businesses and their families.

“Kim’s astute at what he’s doing. He knows what’s happening in the industry, so clients can have confidence that he’s up to speed on whatever is going on.”

Brad Billings
Accountant, Public Practice

As an Advanced Insurance Specialist, and President and CEO of Ocean West Financial Group, Kim has assembled a high-performing, client-focused team dedicated to helping business owners succeed through carefully-planned financial management strategies that protect their assets and reduce their tax burden.

“At Ocean West, our clientele are diverse in terms of personalities and business types, but they’re all driven by a common entrepreneurial spirit,” says Kim. “We take the time to get to know our clients well, learn what’s important to them, and hear about their values. I enjoy that. I love that my business thrives by making sure that my clients are positioned in the best possible way for their own business success.”

In the 1980s, Kim opted to move to Vancouver to pursue financial services as a new career path.  Joining North America Life, his business experience allowed him to quickly learn and hone insurance-based strategies that effectively defer and eliminate tax, offering improved security and financial returns to privately held companies and their owners.

He struck out on his own to start Hinkson Financial Group, before joining forces with his business partner Dave Gillard to form Ocean West Financial Group in 2007 – providing personalized financial strategies tailored to the specific needs of independent business owners and their families.

Kim is a member of the Financial Advisors of Canada and has given presentations on insurance-based -financial strategies at several international conferences.

An avid reader of business autobiographies, Kim lives in Vancouver with his wife of 36 years and has two grown children.  He is passionate about business, sports, family, charitable work improving medical care, and the Strategic Coach® Program – though not necessarily in that order. Kim is a dedicated cyclist, skier, runner, and tennis player, and at least once has managed to do all four in one day. He also competes in adventure sports, kayaking and off-road running.

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