We believe in keeping things as simple as possible.

Our Smart Strategies Program™ is designed to identify the most effective financial strategy tailored to each client's unique situation and needs. 

The planning process is strategic, consultative, comprehensive and efficient, respecting client's limited time and busy schedules.


The Smart Strategies Program™ - How It Works

The Fact Finder
Every program we develop is custom designed to meet the unique needs of each client, taking into consideration their business and personal goals, family situation and estate plan.

The Strategy Innovator
Our Advanced Insurance Specialists use the Fact Finder information to identify the most effective financial strategy tailored to each client’s unique situation and needs.

The Advisor Consultation
We work hand-in-hand with accounting and legal experts to provide added value and the best possible advice as part of a comprehensive financial strategy.

The Client Commitment
We provide the necessary details to understand and maximize the Smart Strategy™.

The Underwriting Process
We understand the demands on our client’s day-to-day schedules and will facilitate a convenient and professional, executive-level service to ensure you obtain the best offer to maximize the benefits of the Smart Strategy™.

The Implementation Process
We operate on the premise that we only succeed when our clients succeed and provide detailed information for sound documentation.

The Annual Review Package
A guaranteed annual package will detail Smart Strategy™ results and as business situations and personal circumstances change, we’re right there to make necessary adjustments to ensure your financial strategy is on track.

Our Principles

Our principles embody who we are as a business partner, corporate citizen, an employer, and as employees.

Fundamental to our business and professionalism are:

We use sound judgment to make ethical and lawful decisions that are in the best interests of our clients, partners, suppliers, colleagues and company.

All opinions, beliefs, abilities, roles, time, company assets, and strategies are equally respected.

Continuous Improvement
We are proactive and continuously improve our knowledge, service and processes to produce outstanding results.

We share our collective skills and knowledge to find first-rate solutions.

We are passionate about our outcomes. Delivering the best quality, professional, well organized, and reputable service is of the utmost importance.

We all take responsibility for our actions, decisions, communications and outcomes as individuals, team members, and a company.

Giving is at the core of our business, and we operate on the premise that we only succeed when we help others succeed.


Our Charitable Giving

Ocean West Financial Group are proud supporters of The Vancouver Prostate Centre and the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation – with a proportion of our proceeds forming charitable donations to these organizations each year.



Alter Trust Versus Traditional Will
A will is the traditional way to distribute your assets upon your death.

But it may not be the best estate planning tool for you. Depending on your circumstances, an alter ego trust or joint spousal or partner trust could be a better choice.