November 30, 2012

The top lip caterpillars have left the building!

It was nice getting to mo’ you.

As Movember makes way for December, the moustaches grown this month are clearing out.

The team at Ocean West Financial Group stepped up to the challenge to ‘grow a mo’ and support prostate cancer and male mental health this past month.

Some will have the memory of their Movember moustache for a little while longer though…

Vice President, Dave Gillard, was lucky enough to renew his license during Movember this year and is now the proud owner of a license picture where he is sporting a rather large ‘trucker-style’ moustache – and it’s valid for the next five years!

At Ocean West we have been long-term supporters of the Vancouver Prostate Centre, with a portion of our earnings being donated towards helping them to continue their fantastic work.

Recently we co-hosted an exclusive tour of the Vancouver Prostate Centre with Dr. Martin Gleave and the team, to show how charitable donations are used by the Center in their day-to-day work and at their facilities.

Learn more about the Vancouver Prostate Centre:

Get mo-tivated for Movember 2013:

L-R Dave Gillard, Roland Parker and Kim Hinkson getting to mo' each other

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