January 29, 2016

Top Secret: How 150 Years of Canadian Financial Success Can Earn YOU An Unbeatable 6.75% Return on Investment

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Small Business Is Under Attacker Header

Psst! Did you know that if you have a need for life insurance - either corporately or personally - you could also be benefiting from tax sheltered growth and earning a return on investment of up to 6.75% annually?

Most people don’t. Which is why I’ve decided to finally pull back the curtain on this juicy life insurance secret and reveal how you could be enjoying its full benefits for yourself.

What are the details?

If you’re after life insurance then you have to consider this whole life insurance product - its performance has been outstanding for over 150 years. Through thick-and-thin this policy has annually returned 6-6.75% on money entered into its included tax sheltered investment account.

Believe me when I say that a product with such a consistent and high rate of return is extremely rare!

If you have the need for life insurance then this really is a double-win. You’re not just protecting your assets - you’re also seeing significant value accumulate over time. The policyholder has access to these returns in their own lifetime (after a certain point) - and upon death it’s all paid out tax free.

How does the process work?

To take my business Ocean West Financial Group (OWFG) as an example, we offer a host of whole life insurance product features. While each one of our strategies is individual and highly customized to the needs of the client, there are a number of benefits that you can definitely expect to enjoy.

First up, just lookat the huge difference in net gain from our life insurance offerings compared to conventional investment, as shown in Chart A:


Immediate Estate Enhancement
Chart A: Immediate Estate Enhancement


Here at OWFG, we use our unique expertise to structure deductions that offset the cost of life insurance. This means that you enjoy the full benefit of annual compound growth - that tax sheltered investment return of 6-6.75% - over and above the face value of your life insurance policy.

Chart B shows just how much higher this dividend rate has historically been compared to alternatives like the prime interest rate:

Sun Life & Canada Life Dividends vs. Prime Interest Rates (2003-2014)
Chart B: Sun Life & Canada Life Dividends vs. Prime Interest Rates (2003-2014)


What’s more, you get to enjoy these benefits while remaining as engaged and immersed in your day-to-day routine as ever. At OWFG, we involve the client as little as is necessary when putting together a strategy, leaving you free to continue to focus on your business.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

Just give us a call! Here at OWFG we have a proven track record of helping very-high-net-worth individuals put together and maximize the benefits of their whole life insurance policy. And now that the secret is out, we would love to do the same for you!

G. Kim Hinkson is the President and Founder of Ocean West Financial Group, a team of Advanced Insurance Specialists based in Vancouver BC, Canada. He can be contacted at 604-662-3150 or

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