March 7, 2016

Don’t Bother: Why Proven, Effective Tax Strategies Are A Waste of Time

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Don’t Bother: Why Proven, Effective Tax Strategies Are A Waste of Time

“I don’t care.”

That's the message you’re sending out when you don't bother to investigate proven tax strategies. You’re a successful business owner - with a sizable and growing estate - yet you’re ignoring all the lessons of your own achievements and failing to seize the initiative. You’re doing nothing about your tax situation.

Hell, why not just sit back and let the government leach off your success?

Clearly you - a highly successful individual with a track record of making all the right calls - shouldn’t be trusted with your own money. Instead the government - who, as we all know, never waste so much as a cent - are the ones who should be enjoying it.

So, while we’re at it - why not just pay as much tax as possible?

Fortunately - by putting off investigating proven, effective tax strategies - you’re doing exactly that. You’re telling the government loud and clear that you don’t care if your taxes go up. It’s that easy. All you have to do is bury your head in the sand and just watch those tax rates rise!

Ignorance is bliss

The downsides to investigating proven tax strategies are obvious. An effective solution protects the sizable assets and estate that YOU worked hard for. It allows YOU to decide what`s best for your money. It allows YOU to fully pursue your philanthropic and charitable interests. Plus it gives YOU the ability to fund worthwhile institutions that will actually use your money wisely and effectively (unlike the government!).

Who would want any of that?

Just do it!

I’m being sarcastic, of course. We all know the value of tax planning - in fact I’m sure you already have a conventional solution in place.

What I’m talking about here is unconventional. This strategy is totally compliant and really works - but unless you or your CFO have talked to me you won’t have had any exposure to it or even know whether you qualify. That’s right, there are certain metrics to meet - but if there is a fit then the benefits you stand to receive are fantastic!

Talk is cheap. So instead of putting it off, “just do it”. Pick up the phone, give me a quick call, and get the full details of this unique, unmissable opportunity.

G Kim Hinkson is the President of Ocean West Financial Group, a team of Advanced Insurance Specialists based in Vancouver BC and operating throughout Canada. He can be contacted at 604-662-3150 or

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