March 8, 2016

It’s a Revolution!

Small Business Is Under Attack

It's a Revolution!

"You say you want a revolution" John Lennon once sang. Well, if you do, then you're in luck - there's a global uprising happening right now!

Conventions are being tossed aside, the status quo ripped apart, and long time traditions overturned. No one is safe!

"Disruption" is king

Everywhere you look, disruption is the buzzword.

It began with Apple's introduction of the iPhone. Now - instead of Blockbuster - we have Netflix. As long standing automakers like Volkswagen struggle, the upstart Tesla company is on the rise. And where once Microsoft ruled the technology roost, now the likes of Google have surpassed it in revenue.

The language of business today is packed with new terms like "thought leadership". This enthusiasm for change is everywhere - today you can't even turn on the TV without encountering a deliberately
"disruptive" (there's that word again!) commerical.

And it's not just in business. Take a look at the current state of politics - especially the US presidential primaries. Disruptive candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have turned the electoral process on its head. Despite standing on very different platforms, both of these individuals have the status quo in their sights.

It's the way we're going...

Even if neither of these candidates win their party's nomination - or the presidency - they’ll still have brought anti-establishment rhetoric to mainstream attention.

It's the same story in Canada, where unlikely leaders like Rob Ford and Justin Trudeau have been making waves. These are politicians who have found success on the back of widespread dissilusionment about everything from the increased cost of living to the sky rocketing price of real estate .

Under this kind of pressure, it's no wonder that the middle class is shrinking globally - a trend seen everywhere from North America to China.

Taxes are also going up. The Liberal party is in power in Canada - and who knows what the outcome of the US presidential election will be!

What does all this uncertainty mean for you?

As a successful, high net worth individual - you potentially stand to lose a lot. You're the target of most of these ‘revolutionaries’ after all!

That's why I recommend quickly making moves to protect yourself. An era of revolution is a time to re-examine your financial planning and research unique opportunities that you may not have previously encountered.

Take my business Ocean West Financial Group (OWFG), for example. We have a proven track record of helping very-high-net-worth individuals put together effective tax advantaged plans that are innovative, unique and low-risk. These are solutions that don’t just protect your assets and estate - they also provide countless perks for both you and your beneficiaries.

At OWFG we have a lifetime of financial experience - meaning that we've seen countless storms come and go. That’s why I’m confident we can succeed again. This is important because - in a time of financial uncertainty - you need a strategy that is certain to work.

So, what are you waiting for? Give me a call today and start revolutionizing your strategic tax advantage plan.

G Kim Hinkson is the President of Ocean West Financial Group, a team of Advanced Insurance Specialists
based in Vancouver BC and operating throughout Canada. He can be contacted at 604-662-3150 or

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