The World’s Gone Mad!

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The World’s Gone Mad!

The verdict is in: if you’re a successful business owner then YOU are the bad guy.

At least that's what the middle class wants you to believe. That's why you can't turn on the TV or open a newspaper these days without being beaten over the head by the message that “success is bad”.

It’s everywhere at the moment - from the Democratic presidential primaries in the US to the politics of Canada’s Liberal government. It seems that bashing the successful is the 'in' thing to do.

The only problem is that it doesn’t make any sense. In fact, it’s just plain ignorant! The middle class are blaming high net worth individuals - that is, job creators and philanthropists - for their own misfortunes and standard of living.

What’s the problem?

Let’s take a look at what public enemy number one - entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals - contribute to society.

These are people that have achieved success through taking risks and hard work. We're talking about individuals that have created jobs and pumped millions of dollars into charities. Not to mention the countless ways entrepreneurs have drastically changed the way we live. I mean, just look at the smartphones we’re all glued to 24/7!

Philanthropy, employment, innovation - these are just some of the areas in which first and multi generation business owners have contributed to society. That's why it's mad that high net worth individuals are the target of anything like this witch hunt.

The secret of success

It seems to me that - instead of sitting around ignorantly bashing high net worth individuals - the middle class should be trying to learn a few lessons from them.

It’s been proven that the wealthy are more driven, confident, and future-oriented than the average person - after all you don’t achieve success without a lot of hard-work, self-belief, and smart planning.

So - instead of yet again asking high earners to pay even greater amounts of tax - why don’t the middle class try to take a few more risks or put in some extra work?

We all have the potential to achieve more. That's why people need to stop sitting back and criticizing - and just get on with their own lives!

Protect yourself!

Given everything that business owners contribute to our society, you’d hope that it will only be a matter of time before the middle class realizes it's got the wrong guy - or that with a little bit of effort they too could be joining the high income club.

However - until that day - as a high net worth individual you need to make moves to protect yourself financially against the worst elements of this current madness.

That's where expert financial consultants like my business Ocean West Financial Group come in.

We exclusively work with a clientele of high-net-worth individuals to produce completely customized, tax-efficient bespoke solutions. These are strategies that don't just function to protect your estate and assets during these volatile days - they also provide immediate, unique benefits that reward you in your lifetime.

So, give me a quick call today, and find out how you can not only protect yourself from this mad world - but even benefit from it too!

G Kim Hinkson is the President of Ocean West Financial Group, a team of Advanced
Insurance Specialists based in Vancouver BC and operating throughout Canada. He can be contacted at 604-662-3150 or

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