Balls in Business!

Balls in Business!

Balls in Business!

Balls in Business!

Watching the French Open the other day, it hit me like a 130 miles per hour serve. There are so many similarities between top level tennis players and highly successful entrepreneurs.

Both require skill, mental strength, and - most important of all - a killer game plan.

So - with Roland-Garros in its final stages and Wimbledon just weeks away - it’s a great time to be picking up some useful business tips.

Serving Up Success

In the world of professional tennis - just as in business - there’s a clear hierarchy of success.

Even just watching on TV, you can’t help but notice the difference in ability between certain players. There’s Djokovic and Serena Williams at the top, followed by the best of the rest (Murray, Radwanska, Nadal) - and then the remainder of the field.

But what separates the best from the rest?

Like in business, your level of success in tennis first and foremost depends upon serious 'ball playing'.  Once you get to a certain level of ability you did so based on specific metrics: first serves in, unforced errors made, the final score.

That last one is the most important. Mistakes are part of the game - but the player (or entrepreneur!) who makes less of them and hits more winners will always win on the scoreboard.

Anyone for doubles?

With such wafer thin margins between success and failure, you want to make sure you’re prepared, are able to learn from your mistakes, and have the skillset to return whatever shots may come your way.

That’s why myself - and most successful entrepreneurs I know - employ the services of a business coach and a mentor. These are advisors that can help you put together and execute a water tight game plan - or change a strategy when it isn’t working.

People such as coaches, mentors, or financial consultants are invaluable resources to any business leader. Collaborating and seeking advice from fellow professionals creates a mental environment in which you can thrive and hit the peak of your game.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do it all yourself. That’s a singles mindset in a world where playing doubles is key - and can lead to countless unforced errors.

After all, the world’s greatest tennis players not only have a coach - they also have a whole team of sport professionals behind the scenes working to ensure that they succeed.

Make it a Grand Slam

That’s why it’s so important to seek out the advice of experts. Whether it’s a business coach, mentor, or financial consultant, key advisors can make all the difference.

The popular perception of entrepreneurs and professional tennis players is of individual superstars - lone geniuses with a natural talent for winning. But in reality the input of others can often be the difference between success and failure. Expert advice can help you put together a strong game plan, avoid unforced errors, and set you on the path to winning your own personal grand slam.

G Kim Hinkson is the President of Ocean West Financial Group, a team of Advanced Insurance Specialists based in Vancouver BC and operating throughout Canada. He can be contacted at 604-662-3150 or

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