We are entrepreneurs.

With more than 24 years of combined experience in sophisticated financial and tax-based solutions – plus running our own business – we’re adept at recognizing and supporting the decisions faced by owners of small and medium sized businesses.

We respect our clients and everything they've accomplished. We relate to them as successful entrepreneurs, connect with them as friends and colleagues and enjoy working with them.


We are Advanced Insurance Specialists.

Our team of creative, disciplined financial professionals committed to helping entrepreneurs and business owners unlock hidden value in their companies.


Our Team

Everyone at Ocean West has had experience as a business owner, financial controller or manager.  We understand the view from your side of the desk because we have been there.



G. Kim Hinkson, President and Founder

Kim Hinkson has had an entrepreneurial spirit for as long as he can remember. Growing up in Regina, he was always selling something from light-bulbs to lemonade. Kim’s early careers were as diverse as he is... (read more)

Tom A. Dutta, Strategic Advisor and Business Mentor

Tom Dutta joined Ocean West Financial Group (“Ocean West”) as General Manager in August 2013 to help transform Ocean West into the market leader in advanced insurance strategies across Canada. With Ocean West Financial Group now being well positioned as the market leader, Tom’s role with Ocean West has changed, he will be focussing on the Strategy, Business Mentoring and Team Development needs of Ocean West going forward... (read more)

Ayesha Sharma, Financial Analyst

Ayesha Sharma is working as a financial analyst at Ocean West Financial Group. She is an MBA from SFU - Beedie School of Business and Chartered Accountant from India. Ayesha has over seven years of experience in the field of finance specializing in corporate finance, financial planning, reporting and analysis, business advisory, investor relations, investment and market research.

Ryan Faridian, Insurance Advisor/Strategic Partner

Originally from Regina, a prairie boy at heart, Ryan has experienced both small town life and the fast-paced Vancouver lifestyle. He appreciates both for what they have taught him; Saskatchewan for showing him the value of community building and British Columbia for motivating him through its “if you snooze you lose” attitude.... (read more)

Alter Trust Versus Traditional Will
A will is the traditional way to distribute your assets upon your death.

But it may not be the best estate planning tool for you. Depending on your circumstances, an alter ego trust or joint spousal or partner trust could be a better choice.